Terms and conditions for renting studies and/or equipment

We already know that it is not the funniest thing to read, but if MTK Space wants to shoot, young Luke, the following text will have to be approved in order to enter.

If you have any doubts, we are on the other side of the screen or the phone!

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  1. Rental Terms

For the procurement of services offered by MTK Space the client will have to read and accept the terms and conditions of rent and privacy policy described on this website and in the rental contract, since the use of these services implies acceptance of these conditions.

  1. Business hours

It doesn’t matter to get up early if there’s coffee recently made in MTK, so our times are usually from 8h to 20h, but we have no problem opening up sooner or later, we can talk about this.

  1. Parking and accesss


If you let us know, we’ll reserve you the space to park right in front of MTK. We have spare space for bikes, motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, helicopters and horses.

  1. Accesses

MTK Space does not hold control of access to space during the period stipulated in the contract. At the moment we are not playing nightclub goalkeepers.

The room in the hall and in the connecting corridor between the studies cannot be obstructed and the evacuation area must always remain empty.


Don’t worry if you have any questions or need something during shooting! Look for the person who is pink dressed or tap into the timbre of the office and we’ll solve the problems in the Wolf style.

Plato’s staff will do tasks of information about the operation of the leased spaces or equipment, but in no case will they do the work of shooting staff (electric., chamber, production…). That is why it may not be all the time on the set.

If extra staff are needed, you can apply to us and hire the services of our technicians, which are excellent machines and professionals.

  1. Climateization

We have the ability to climatize XXL Studio and Chroma Studio, but not the Insustrial Studio. For special occasions we use attached weathering systems, you can consult us.

  1. Contracting

Slow down! A request for an email and/or online budget does not automatically involve booking equipment or studies. MTK Space will confirm this reserve depending on the availability of dates and material and if necessary adjust the budget which the customer will have to accept in the new terms and conditions reflected.

We need to look at our timetable to find out whether we are in this galaxy or in another galaxy for the given dates!

To reserve space we need:

  • You send us the signed and filled contract with your data in the mail hello.mtkspace.com.
  • Fifty percent of the approved budget is paid to the account indicated in the budget document.
  • We’ll send you our CAU (the enterprise risk coordination document) which is the longest name… You must read it I’m burying!
  1. Cancellation

The tenant may withdraw from the contract with a minimum notice of 48h at the agreed start date, and via written communication at the email address hello.mtkspace.com. After this period has elapsed, the leaser will have to pay a penalty of 25% of the amount agreed by cancellation between 48h and 24h before the start date and 50% of the agreed amount by cancellation within the previous 24h of the start date.

  1. Usage and activity

All equipment and studios subject to rent are solely intended for photographic and audiovisual uses. Under no circumstances can they be used for other purposes or activities without the prior agreement and consent of MTK Space. It’s not worth taking the camera to take pictures of your cousin’s communion, which we know you! For events and uses other than those mentioned, charges and specific rental conditions will also be set in each case.

In any case, the leaser reserves the right to refuse to carry out within the time period those activities he considers inappropriate or negative to the integrity of the business or its facilities.

  1. Social Media

We love to take photos of the sets with the wraps you set, and how we think we’re average influencers like to post it on our social media, but always with your consent and after the project’s release, can we?

Ah! That’s right, at the end of the shoot, we love to sit in the chester to take a picture of you as a memory! And we have some more surprise in the fridge…

  1. Site conditions

The Router (The Audiovisual Mechanics) hands over the Platon along with all the equipment and facilities available to it. The tenant declares the status and characteristics of the set, as well as the equipment and facilities with which it has, and shows its complete conformity to it, which is considered appropriate and suitable for the activity to be developed by the tenant. Wow, we’re not gonna rent you the Cyclorama with a hole in the middle.

  1. Space misperfects

In cases where they are not included in the insurance, the lease part will be obliged to pay in full the amount of the same new material, according to market prices within 15 calendar days after the agreed date of return.

Besides, we know you like to decorate everything again to keep your Feng Shui, but please, no holes or permanent facilities, which otherwise we have walls that look like a Gruyère cheese.

  1. Rental Conferences

When a study is rented for several days, at least 12 hours of use will be invoiced.

The hours covered from entry to study and the departure of the study will be understood per rental period, and the loading and unloading hours and the mounting and unmounting of the study will also be counted if any. The relevant supplements described in the tariffs will also be borne by the customer.

Platon usage schedule is 8h to 20h. Any modifications to this schedule should be remembered with the staff of the set. It doesn’t matter to kill if there’s coffee recently made in MTK, so our times are usually from 8h to 20h, but we have no problem opening up sooner or later, it’s all talking.

  1. End of rental term

Delays in abandoning the rented space, which have not been accepted in writing by MTK SPACE, must be paid at a rate of ‘extra deferral’ for each delay hour from 30 minutes after the set deadline, to which no discount will apply and which are reflected on the website: www.mtkspace.com. In addition, we’ll also put you a Fract collector and the kings will bring you coal.

In cases where the delay is more than 24 hours, MTK SPACE, in addition to requiring payment of the fee stated above, will immediately proceed to take the appropriate legal action.

  1. Electric Consumption

Budgeting does not in any way include the charges for electric consumption that will be accounted for and added to the final bill for the services contracted, the fee for which will reflect the use of space-specific electrical installations and connectors. Electricity is very expensive for all, unfortunately.

  1. Clear

The basic cleaning of the studio is included in rental fees. However, the costs of extra cleaning, the eviction of other decorations, packaging or other items and the corresponding ports for the transfer of these to municipal premises will be borne by the customer.

Plato’s staff will be responsible for cleaning the common areas. In case all spaces are rented with the FULL  EQUIPMENT fare, it will be the customer’s responsibility to clean up these common areas.

We’ll leave everything ready so you can roll comfortable and easy, with the clean spaces and everything in place. In addition, as we enter our spaces we also offer tattooing service to tattoo the phrase “let it be as you have found it”.

  1. Site modifications

The rental customer will not be able to modify or repair the rental space or clock it, in order to prevent the responsibilities inherent in such actions. We know you like to decorate everything again to keep your Feng Shui, but please, no holes or permanent facilities, otherwise we have walls that look like a Gruyère cheese. Last but not least, people who like American tape and chatter, please be careful. This hits more than the super glue and we leave the kidneys tearing it out! Responsibility of MTK Space

The responsibility of MTK Space to the customer will, in any case, only be able to reach the total invoice paid by the customer for the services contracted in MTK Space, and the latter cannot claim compensation higher than this ceiling.

  1. Equipment Rental

The customer will in any case be responsible for the losses, deteriorations and damage caused to equipment and/or to third parties for their misuse.

  1. Special conditions

It is prohibited within the facilities: fire, use toxic and explosive products. Products that produce smoke and any other that may prove dangerous or harmful to people without the express and written authorisation of the leaser.

The customer will always have to notify and request authorisation from MTK Space for use in the study with special characteristics such as animal work, use of elements with water, noises and high-level decibel music and any other that may affect the proper functioning of other studies and municipal regulations.

  1. Civil liability for damage caused to third parties

MTK Space declines any liability for accidents or damages that may be caused to third parties by the use of facilities and equipment rented regardless of the causes.

  1. Responsibility derived from LOPD

Responsibility arising from actions that could be taken under the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, as a result of recordings obtained or the loss of information will not, in any case, be MTK SPACE. The rental customer will respond to how many actions stand in the way of such concepts.

  1. Express submission to the Tribunals of Sant Feliu de Llobregat

The fulfilment or interpretation of the conditions here present, in the event of a disagreement, will be the responsibility of the courts of the city of Sant Feliu de Llobregat; in such a way, the self-ruled fur that might be the responsibility of the rental client will be expressly waived.



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  1. Communication to all our staff and suppliers of essential and up-to-date information on the protocols to be followed, with the supervision and control of our consultancy companies in the field of the prevention of labour scares.
  2. Dotation of the obligatory ‘EPIs’ to our staff (govers, masks, disinfectant ice, …) and as far as possible, availability of ‘EPIs’ stocks for those customers who wish to purchase them.
  3. Hygienization of all rental facilities and equipment with the methods authorised by the Ministry of Health, with special reinforcement in the most sensitive areas and elements, adding additional special measures in the collection, delivery and medical check of material:
  • All rental equipment will be delivered previously uninfected and the packaging will carry a label indicating this, at the time of its delivery in platon or its departure from our facilities. When the material is returned, all equipment will be disinfected before being stored.
  • The collection and return areas of the material will be as differentiated as possible, avoiding matching several customers in these areas.
  • The deliveries will be made to the pre-established contact persons and in the agreed timetables, in order to respect the social distancing measures and health and safety and hygiene slogans of the Ministry of Health currently in force. In this way, we will avoid unnecessary agglomerations.
  • All our staff who have physical contact with any team at the time of their delivery or return will bring the appropriate individual protection equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectant ice…), hand washing always being the first gesture of prevention. For medical testing and testing of material on our premises, we recommend that each customer carry his or her own protective material. If you do not, you will be able to acquire it whenever we have stock available.
  • The bulkier material (lighting, grip, production material) will be subjected to profound disinfection processes. Methods and products validated by the Ministry of Health and recommended by equipment manufacturers will be used for this.
  1. Control of capacity in facilities to enable the social distancing measures currently in force.
  2. Special management of the waste generated that is sensitive to infection.
  3. In addition to these, additional measures will be applied by those studies and companies renting equipment which, due to their size, business model and specific characteristics, require this.