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1. Communication to all our staff and suppliers of the essential and updated information of the protocols to follow, with the supervision and control of our consulting companies in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.

2. Provision of mandatory PPE to our staff (gloves, masks, disinfectant gel, …) and, if possible, stock availability for those customers who wish to purchase them.

3. Sanitation of all rental facilities and equipment with the methods authorized by the Ministry of Health, with special reinforcement in the most sensitive areas and elements, also adding special measures in the collection, delivery and checking of material:

• All rental equipment will be delivered previously disinfected and the packages will carry a label that indicates so, at the time of delivery on set or departure from our facilities. When the material is returned, all equipment will be disinfected before being stored. • The areas of collection and return of the material will be differentiated as much as possible, avoiding to make several clients coincide in these areas.

• Deliveries will be made to the pre-established contact persons and at the agreed times, in order to respect the social distancing measures and safety and hygiene instructions of the Ministry of Health in force at the time. In this way, we will avoid unnecessary congestion.

• All our staff who have physical contact with any equipment at the time of delivery or return will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectant gel …), with hand washing always the first gesture of prevention. For material testing and checking at our facilities, we recommend that each customer bring their own protective equipment. If you do not bring it, you can purchase it as long as we have stock available.

• The most voluminous material (lighting, grip, production material) will be subjected to deep disinfection processes. Methods and products validated by the Ministry of Health and recommended by equipment manufacturers will be used for this purpose.

4. Control of gauging in the facilities to enable the social distancing measures in force at the time.

5. Special management of generated waste sensitive to infection.

6. In addition to these, additional measures will be applied by those equipment rental companies and companies that, due to their size, business model and specific characteristics, require it.

Terms and conditions for renting studios and / or equipment

The following clauses regulating the mutual responsibility between both parties constitute a sine qua non condition of the contract, without which EL MECÀNIC AUDIOVISUAL SCCL (NIF F67251199) hereinafter MTK SPACE, would not consent to be bound:

1. Rental Conditions

For contracting the services offered by MTK Space, the customer must read and accept the terms and conditions of rental and privacy policy described on this website since the use of these services implies acceptance of these conditions. You must also be a web user and be registered in the MTK Space database.

2. Hiring

Requesting an email quote and / or online quote does not automatically involve booking equipment or studies. MTK Space will confirm this reservation according to the availability of dates and material and, if necessary, will adapt the budget that the customer must accept in the new terms and conditions reflected.

3. Use and activity

All equipment and studios for rent are intended solely for photographic and audiovisual uses. In no case may they be used for other purposes or activities without the prior agreement and consent of MTK Space. For events and uses other than those mentioned, specific rental rates and conditions will also be set in each case.

4. Space conditions

The landlord delivers to the tenant the contracted space in perfect condition and inventory. Those damages caused in the space, derived from their bad use will be of exclusive responsibility of the renting client.

5. Defects in space

In those cases in which they are not included in the insurance, the lessee will be obliged to pay in full the amount of the same new material, according to market prices within 15 calendar days after the agreed return date.

6. Rental time

The rental period will mean the hours between the entrance to the studio and the exit of the same, also calculating the hours of loading and unloading and assembly and disassembly if any. The customer will also be responsible for the relevant supplements described in the rates.

7. Rental days

When a studio is rented for several days, at least 12 hours of use will be charged.

8. End of the rental period

Delays in leaving the rented space that have not been accepted in writing by MTK SPACE, must be paid at the rate of “extra day” rate for each hour of delay from 30 minutes following the established time limit, to those that will not be applicable any type of discount and that are reflected in the web page: In those cases where the delay is longer than 24 hours, MTK SPACE, in addition to requiring the payment of the fee stated above, will immediately take the appropriate legal action.

9. Electricity consumption

The budgets do not in any case include the electricity consumption expenses that will be accounted for and added to the final invoice for the contracted services.

10. End of the rental period

Basic studio cleaning is included in the rental rates. However, the customer will be responsible for the costs for extra cleaning, eviction of other decorations, packaging or other items and the corresponding postage for the transfer of these to municipal offices.

11. Modifications in space

The tenant client may not modify or repair the space for rent or rent it, subject to the responsibilities inherent in such actions.

12. Responsibility of MTK Space

MTK Space’s liability to the customer, in any case, may only reach up to the total of the invoice paid by the customer corresponding to the services contracted to MTK Space, the latter not being able to claim compensation in excess of this maximum limit.

13. Equipment rental

The customer will be responsible in any case for the losses, damages and damages caused to the equipment and / or to third parties by the misuse of the same.

14. Cancellation

The customer may cancel any rental request up to 24 hours before the start of the service, unless other conditions are specifically agreed. After that time, the customer must pay 25% of the contracted value as cancellation compensation.

15. Special conditions

It is forbidden inside the facilities: to make fire, to use toxic and explosive products. Products that produce smoke and any other that may be dangerous or harmful to people. The customer must always notify and request authorization from MTK Space for uses of the studio with special features such as the use of animals, elements with water, noise and high decibel music and any other that may affect the proper functioning of others studies and municipal regulations.

16. Civil liability for damages caused to third parties

MTK Space declines any responsibility for accidents or damages that may be caused to third parties by the use of the rented facilities and equipment, whatever the causes.

17. Liability derived from the LOPD

The responsibility derived from the actions that could be carried out under the auspices of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, as a result of the recordings obtained or the loss of information will not be, in any case of MTK SPACE. The lessee will be responsible for how many actions are brought in such concepts.

18. Express submission to the Courts of Barcelona

The fulfillment or interpretation of the conditions present here, in case of discrepancy, will be the competence of the Courts of Barcelona, ​​being in such a way expressly renounced the own jurisdiction that could correspond to the tenant client.