Your audiovisual and cultural Co-op Workspace

MTK Space is the place to bring forth your audiovisual or cultural project is waiting for you. Where you can come in and out as you wish, without schedule limitations, where you can feel free to create your productions without any kind of pressure so you can complete your audiovisual works successfully.

Publis, video clips, photo session, virtual events, chroma, corporate, commercial, branded events, unicorns, boxing rings… we have our fixers ready for everything! Fortunately they’re short in battle, why are you asking us for every thing…

We’ll help you with whatever you need. Now, if you come here you’ll be surrounded by the best professionals who can assess you in any technical needs you may have and you’ll have all your audiovisual equipment ready so you can carry out your productions without worrying about having to return it.

Chester MTK Space

This is NOT only a space for any production house, freelancer or audiovisual professional to come and shoot, with or without their own equipment, and happily leave once the job is done. It’s much more than a conventional shooting and photo studio, wher most likely as of now you’ve alreayd invested tons of hours in excessively expensive tariffs to shoot ads worthy of being broadcasted.

Stay with this:

Free parking space. ✅

Private industrial polygon with privacy and security. ✅

Affordable prices. ✅

At 10 minutes from Barcelona, we’ve got everything that’s good for BCN .to a piedra shot’, the suppliers beside us and we save our caravans. ✅

Three audiovisual studios equipped with motorized truss, lighting, camerinos, and weathering. ✅

Access shot from outside. ✅

MTK Space is envisioned to give a long life to the audiovisual field, offering a collaborative and affordable option to the present audiovisual market as well as an important range of socio-cultural activities and a co-working space for professional colleagues whom you’ll have the chance to work with and exchange concerns about the audiovisual guild.

Don’t wait to have a portfolio to come and meet us, as we said, MTK Space has no limits. We can advise you with expertise and experience, and we will be able to make all sorts of audiovisual equipment available to you, in addition to our platoons. Let’s put all our love in the projects you bring.

MTK Space is a Co-op audiovisual and cultural workspace launched by three enterpreneur associates and firmly getting settled in the city of Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

One of our objectives is the approach of a new perspective in the audiovisual sector, putting life and its sustainability at the center, and the economic activation and prosperity of the audiovisual sector in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, acting as a loudspeaker of all the benefits and facilities involved in rolling your audiovisual production in this city.

Let us focus on organic and sustainable growth, which has a return to the community. Let us promote proximity and fair trade, with emphasis on the implicit values of the social and sustainable economy, and let the actions, actions and dynamics of our activity incorporate activism in the city, mutual support, greater co-responsibility for essential care and values such as anti-racism and gender equality across the entire MTK Space project.

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